Tips To Complete A Half Marathon In 2.5 Hours

In recent years, half marathon events got significant popularity and attention across the globe. Almost all the major cities began conducting half marathon events, and the participation of local population goes up year over year.

The 13.1-mile distance is a good challenge for most people though it is much easier compared to a full marathon. Racers who made a few months of preparation can cover the distance in two hours. For a vast majority of people, it is a daunting task.

Do you want to participate a half marathon in your city and complete it within 2.5 hours? The following tips can help you to achieve it.

Go For A Practice Race

Most of the half marathon organisers conduct multiple practice races before the actual race. While going for the practice race, try to explore as much as possible to help yourself to race better on the marathon day.

Ask a few questions yourself. Were you stressed while touching the start line? Did you experience any digestion issues? Did you find any difficulty in the race due to travel?

You can plan and address these issues on the race day and get familiarised to the environment, quicker.

Warm Up Better

With a longer warm up, your legs are ready to go in the initial few miles. You can do a 12-15 minutes warm-up to ensure that your active muscles are filled with blood. It makes your body ready for the action, without causing troubles to your organs or brain.

You increase the endurance by warm up and ensure your desired pace during the marathon, without pushing hard.


In a marathon, you race much longer than a normal race. It may tempt you to look at the watch to check the time and heart rate, quite often. On race day, you should keep all such thoughts go away.

Try to complete the race without looking at your watch. It can help you to run faster than you expected. Focus on how your body feels.

Many people prefer to be part of a pace team to complete the marathon. However, it may not be a great choice for everyone. You should ensure that it can work for you before joining any pace team.

Know Your Race Capabilities

Some racers prefer running on uneven surfaces than flat courses. Also, many people struggle to reduce the speed at turns. Note that multiple hairpin turns can make your heart rate up.

By knowing where you race and your style of running, you can plan your half marathon better and complete the race.

Bring Your Own Water Than Choosing Water Stations

Many participants do not want to break their stride as getting back to the race make their heart rate soaring. Due to this, they hate stopping to drink and end up with dehydration issues.

If you do not want to stop for the drink, you can carry a small bottle and some pre-workouts. This helps you to stay hydrated in the way that works for you.

Even if you prefer to choose water stations, try not to use a sports drink that you have not tested/tried during training.

3 Songs Maximum

It is preferable to not go for a mega playlist. Choose songs that can make your adrenaline pump – songs that make you sing and dance in the car. It is a good choice putting your songs after a few miles of the race, preferably around mile 5 or 6. The songs should re-energise you to continue the race.


People have different goals with half marathon race. While some want to improve their fitness, many people run for fun. You can plan your race around your goal and make it stress-free and enjoyable.